Long term residents – Mindoro


Looking to make The Philippines your new home away from home? Planning to retire on a tropical island beach and while away your days watching spectacular sunsets, strolling along the sand, swimming in crystal blue waters and adjusting to that new ‘island pace’ of life you’ve always been longing for? Then you might want to take serious consideration to making the island of Mindoro you’re new home, for a while at least.

Mindoro, and Puerto Galera in particular, is a hub of ex-pat residents from all stages of life and from all over the world. As a result there is a strong foreign culture available if you want all your creature comforts of home but in a tropical island paradise setting.

European, Australian, American, Japanese and Korean restaurants, bars and cafes are plentiful in Puerto Galera, and so too are the people who come to Puerto Galera from these countries. There is also a healthy population of


‘Manila ex-pat’ Filipinos who stay here on a regular basis to escape the hustle and bustle of Manila. All in all it’s a cosmopolitan mix that is not readily found elsewhere in SE/Asia when you consider the tranquil setting of the island and it’s proximity to Metro Manila.



If you are serious about relocating to the Philippines and you need or want to be in close distance to Manila and all its services and infrastructure then Mindoro is an ideal place for you and we can help you tick all the necessary boxes so you get established and set-up with minimal complications, because who wants to waste time and money when the beach is calling you!


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Services we can provide include

  • Flights and travel to Mindoro
  • Visas and Immigration matters
  • Set up local bank account
  • Property Rental or Purchase
  • Establishing a business i.e. Corporations, Business Permits, Licences etc.
  • General transportation or obtaining a drivers licence for Car or Motorbike etc.
  • Set up of local bill payments i.e. Electricity, Water, Gas, Cable TV, Internet, Mobile or Landline Phone, Insurance etc.
  • Maids or House helpers that can speak your language
  • Initial introductions to the area via guided tours of Mindoro i.e. help you find your bearings so you know where everything is located i.e. Supermarkets, Doctors, Government Facilities, Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Local Sporting Clubs and Activities etc.
  • Initial introductions to the local ex-pat communities in Mindoro
  • Set up Emergency contact details or procedures i.e. Urgent hospital visits, or just a local emergency contact person

For all these relocation services and more get in contact and send us a message now so we can learn more about how and

where you would like to relocate, what your expectations are, and just some general information about yourself and what you might like to know about the Philippines so we can make sure we help you find your dream new location in this tropical island paradise. If you would like to relocate to another area of the Philippines other than Mindoro we can definitely help you with that as well!


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Mindoro location map

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