Impact Travel Program

Environmental clean up programs

It is the fundamental belief of our founders that wherever you go in the world you should try to leave it either the same way that you found it, or help improve it a little. To help support these beliefs we here at Travel and Tour The Philippines have an impact travel program that ensures a MINIMUM 10% of our net profits will go directly back into the local communities of the Philippines.

Support the development of basic infrastructure and civil amenities

We will be helping to support these communities through community development initiatives in coordination with local community members and key government agencies, ensuring that your contributions will go directly to supporting development projects that help solve key issues in

the communities where you travel.

So come and travel with us and not only relax, unwind and have some fun but also help improve the local communities at the same time!

New local community impact development projects will be announced soon! To find out more please get in touch with us.






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